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Start crafting your brightest possible future by discovering more about yourself, your subject choices and your ideal future career. In four easy steps, we will uncover your interests, values, personality, and thinking style to recommend your most suitable career so that you can make the right subject choices now

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Author: Dr Lanette Hattingh
D Ed, M Ed, B Ed, PGHD (RAU) BSoc Sc Hons Psychology & BSoc Sc Nursing (UFS)

Deutsche Bank for the initial funding of this programme.
Doctor Kobus Neethling for the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI).
Debbie de Jong for her contribution

First Printed in 2005, Sixth edition.

Some of our Corporate Clients:

A Word from Lynette:

“Brainwave’s dream is for all principals, teachers and learners to find inner peace and self-gratification within themselves in knowing that education is the key to our country’s future.

Brainwave’s legacy is to teach our principals, teachers and learners that each and every role they fulfil in life, is a self-portrait of the person that achieved it- they must be able to autograph their work with excellence. Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered through goodness, humility, service and character.”

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“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” - Stephen Covey


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This intuitive, interactive tool that will guide you through a multifaceted process with a unique and personalised outcome for each user.

Recommended for Grade 9 to 11 users.

The 9 primary career areas are as follows:

Choose 4 Careers according to your Interests

With over 1000 Career Options in 9 Career Areas, this tool will recommend a career/s most suited to you based on your personality, thinking style, interests and values.

Choose 4 Careers

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15 questions to help you explore your unique personality and choose career fields that suit your Personality

Multiple Choice: 4 Questions per Part(15 Parts)

Choose 4 Careers

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Brain Quiz: We all know you have a brain Left or Right Brain???

Thinking Style Quiz

Multiple Choice: 4 Questions per Part(15 Parts)

Choose 4 Careers

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Final Interests Career Selection

After your final career choice - you will receive a PDF with careers matching your INTERESTS, PERSONALITY and THINKING STYLE PROFILE to help you choose your subjects and set you on the road to DISCOVER THE WORKING WORLD! Good luck from the DISCOVER YOUR CAREER team!

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Step into your Future now

Create a Student Profile

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Purchase your Discover Your Career License online now for R150 to begin

I have recently tried out the Discover Your Career, a ride in the right direction. Before I was aware of the discover your career, I was very indescivie on my subject choices. I had no clue where I wanted to study and what I wanted I study. However after completing the Discover Your Career, I realized some personal qualities about myself I was unaware of. After learning the new qualities about myself, I used those qualities and determined which subjects fit me best. The tests were incredibly accurate. Not only did I learn which subjects I should take in high school, but I also learnt where I can go with these subjects, which courses I can take in university, which universities will be available to me. The Discover your career even included future possible job opportunities which will be available to you depending on the course you choose. Discover Your Career really helped me in making my subject choices, and I definitely learnt a lot about my future from this. I recommend this to any young person who is not sure of what they are wanting to do, or where they are wanting to go. Discover your career really does help you decide on your potential future

Tyrol Student

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